JustCast - the podcast hosting choice for TRAKTIVIST!

Prior to launching TRAKTIVIST Radio, I knew I had to create a podcast for those that would not be able to catch the weekly live shows on Dash Radio, and also a place for additional content not necessarily fit for the radio show. In researching options, there are the typical hosting services (Libsyn, Podbean, Buzzsprout, etc.), most of which other friends use for their podcasts. Being on a tight budget, and also open to other services, I decided to ask around. Luckily, that search didn't take long after speaking with a good friend who hosts and produces the Papa Culture Podcast.  Without hesitation, he recommended JustCast. After doing my research, here' why it was a no brainer to use this service!

JustCast - The simplest way to create RSS feed for your podcast

It's really easy, no joke. After you create your account and sync it with your dropbox as an app, all you have to do it add the audio file that folder in dropbox. Seriously, that's all!

Whether its generating the RSS feed, updating your podcast artwork and description, editing the metadata for each episode, or viewing the metrics for your podcast(s)  this can all be easily done with the JustCast dashboard that is very easy to navigate through.

Unbeatable! Free trial to test it all out. But even if you decide to go with it, it's only $5/month or $4.16/month if you do the $50/year plan! Whaaaaaaaatttt???!?!?!?!

Probably the best part 😉 JustCast has fantastic support! Honestly, the way they reply within 24 hours (usually way faster than that), it really feels like one of your homies helping you out via email support. Every issue that I've had has been handled with excellence!

Hosted by JustCast, here's our TRAKTIVIST Podcast now available on Spotify & Apple podcasts!