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TRAKTIVIST is the premiere Website to discover music made by Asian North Americans, as featured on Google &  NBC News.


Our groundbreaking website operates as a central, online hub, offering quality, convenience, and cultural value through our unique cataloging. Search by EthnicityGenreRole, and Instrument!

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"...the story we find between the notes of Asian American music is sometimes nothing less than the story of Asian America itself."
- Dr. Oliver Wang

TRAKTIVIST is essentially a collection of stories. Through their music, each artist provides a glimpse into the dynamic and complex Asian North American experience. By expression through art, artists are able to define themselves and break stereotypes. One day it will be commonplace to hear and see Asian North Americans in all genres of music. But until then, we believe it is important to acknowledge and appreciate all those who have and/or continue to pave the way in making this a reality.

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