TRAKTIVIST.COM is now live!


"...the story we find between the notes of Asian American music is sometimes nothing less than the story of Asian America itself." - Dr. Oliver Wang

Hello Friends! My name is Richie, and as the founder of this website, I’d like to welcome you to TRAKTIVIST.COM!

TRAKTIVIST.COM is the ultimate global platform to discover, promote, and historically archive music made by Asian Americans. Our groundbreaking website operates as a central, online hub, offering quality, convenience, and cultural value through our unique cataloging. From new releases to undiscovered gems, music will be posted every week for your enjoyment. Search by Ethnicity, Genre, Role, and Instrument! Explore our Popular page to find out what other fellow TRAKTIVISTS are loving!

I encourage each of you to sign up for a free account. By signing up, you will get exclusive access to our trailblazing voting feature! By clicking on the “heart” icon, you are given the chance to show support to your favorite artist and their music. At the end of each week, votes will be tallied and the top songs will be listed on our Charts and featured on TRAKTIVIST RADIO!

Once again, welcome and enjoy!