As a recent transplant, one of the best parts of living in Los Angeles, California has been the expansive music scene. This Saturday, I'm excited to once again attend The Sound of Tomorrow at The Regent Theater featuring this week's artist on THE SET UP:

Anderson .Paak


(photo cred: elenor stills)

I like to get hyped for upcoming shows by revisiting the artist's catalogue. So, while I prepare myself for the show, I figure why not invite y'all to enjoy this with me!

I first got introduced to Anderson .Paak when he used to go by the name Breezy Lovejoy and was featured on Dumbfoundead's track "Cellphone"

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Then there was "Sadie," which is still one of my favorite tracks. Can't help making that staaank face while bobbin' my head to the beat everytime I listen to it.

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And being a big Beatles fan myself, I was immediately drawn to this cover he did of "Blackbird"

He now goes by the name Anderson .Paak, a name change that some internuts disagreed with. But come on, how could you hate on someone using his real name! Of course, I am biased because I want Asian American artists to be proud of their background. I admire that he's not afraid to tell people that he's part Korean American.

Lastly, I leave you with a track called "Suede" that he released just a few days ago as part of the super duo NxWorries with Stonethrow's Knxwledge. If this doesn't get you ready for the show, you might as well just stay home (but give me your ticket though)!

Side note: Gotta give props to "The Free Nationals" who are performing with him. For those who may not know, they are his phenomenal production team consisting of Jose RiosKelsey Gonzalez, and Vicky Nguyen.