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In honor of #aapiheritagemonth we would like to spotlight several AAPI artists whose work has shaped the world of art, music, film, and literature.

New York Times bestselling author @jennyhan writes about coming-of-age, romance, and heartbreak, in a unique voice that allows her to connect to the hearts and minds of teens and young adults everywhere. In 2016, her novel P.S. I Still Love You won an Asian/Pacific American Award for Literature in the Young Adult category.

Actress @constancewu is best-known for her roles on EastSiders and Fresh off the Boat. Raised in a Taiwanese-American family, Wu is one of the few actors to portray Asian-American womanhood on television. In her upcoming film Crazy Rich Asians, she wishes to bring Asian-American culture to Hollywood. She says, “but what’s special about this film is it differentiates Asians from the Asian-American experience. A lot of times they think putting in a face of color and filling a quota. Our culture is more than skin deep.” #crazyrichasians

Nam June Paik, a Korean-American composer, performer, sculptor, video and digital artist, is remembered as the “father of video art.” His innovative use of technology in creating and displaying new forms of art inspired a whole new generation of artists focused on the Internet and visual media. Among Paik’s most famous works are TV Buddha and Electronic Superhighway (pictured), located at the Smithsonian American Art Museum here in #dc #namjunepaik

Richie Menchavez is the creator and founder of Traktivist. This Filipino American DJ created @traktivist an online archive of music created by Asian Americans musicians, to fill the void of Asian-American artists in mainstream American music. The site, whose name comes from a combination of the words ‘track’ and ‘activist’, demonstrates the ever-increasing intersection between music and activism. Menchavez has partnered with and been endorsed by The White House Initiative for Asian American & Pacific Islanders, the Center for Asian American Media, and the Coalition of Asian Pacifics in Entertainment